Enlarging Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit

EYES is an Erasmus Plus funded project aimed at supporting and engaging unemployed people, young adults, professionals in VET, as well as teachers and trainers who are lacking skills, in a systematic learning activities in order to develop knowledge and competencies by promoting the entrepreneurship education for the young.

About the Project

The EYES project provides better tools for VET and attempts to support professionals in vocational training and integration in:

Changing their teaching practices

Promote the development of a collective entrepreneurial culture

Promote democratic values among young people

The EYES project also empowers young people with a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship through educating trainers, implementing local projects and working with the target groups in order to improve the development of the training course.

Assess their capacity

Create and manage a collective enterprise

Better understand business realities and the importance of teamwork


Coopérative d’Initiative Jeunes

www.coop-jeunes.com maurel.terry@coop-jeunes.com

INFODEF. Instituto para el Fomento del Desarrollo y la Formacion

www.infodef.es projects@infodef.es

ESSEI. The European Society for Socio Economic Integration ASBL


FALEP 2B. Ligue de L’enseignement de Haute-Corse


RCCI. Rusenska Targovsko Industrialna Kamara


VHS. Volkshochschule Im Landkreis Cham EV


Intellectual Outputs

IO1. Global report of best innovative practices for entrepreneurship

This report contains 42 good practices, case studies and examples on successful application of entrepreneurship education from Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and France, as well as a comprehensive executive summary that analyses and compares the results from each of the six countries. The consortium took advantage of these outcomes to identify which skills and competences should be recognized within the EYES training course by monitoring the impact of already existing initiatives to promote employability, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning for vulnerable young people.

IO2. Methodological guide for trainers

This methodological guide is based on cooperative learning as a reliable teaching approach to be integrated into a training course focusing on collective and democratic entrepreneurship. The guide should allow professionals to gather a group of young people around a common project in a secure, formative and appropriate framework.

This output has been designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Make professionals familiar with cooperative learning (as an approach to pedagogy)
  • Introduce the EYES training program and its main objective, i.e. create a structure that allows young people to develop creative projects in a secure environment
  • Create a “skills inventory” in partnership with companies/representatives from professional branches
  • Guide professionals in the choice of a local project for implementing the EYES training program
  • Help professionals choose the rights business tools
  • Mentoring young people, i.e. increase their motivation, initiative and sense of responsibility


IO3. EYES training program

This output includes the learning content of the training programme based on the principle of the learning by doing but by alternating the different concrete and engaging requirements and learning methods, with a preference for the active pedagogy that encourages the memorization and motivate to take action. The EYES Training program integrates:

  1. EYES REPOSITORY, a tool to define the objectives and handle the construction of the training program. The repository has been based on the frameworks and guidelines of the ECF and ECVET and completed from the needs reported on each territory from the results of the Entrecomp report.
  2. A multimodal combination of existing training modalities: face-to face/learning by doing, e-training combining the e-library resources (IO1) within a learning scenario, e-learning module to deepen or complete the face-to-face training, serious game based on pedagogy through games and simulation, podcast and a portal to access to these trainings every time.
  3. EYES LOCAL PROJECT as a result of the pilot phase to test and validate the EYES training paths (online and face-to-face) according to the specific training needs and skills gaps identified during the preparation and benchmarking phase.

IO4. EYES learning platform

Training platform adapted to the needs of vulnerable young people and trainers in terms of content, support and online exchanges.

The platform has two main functionalities:

  • For trainers: Apprenticeship
    Providing access to the Methodological Guide, the EYES pedagogical content and the management tools of a company, for the implementation of the EYES training program.
  • For the disadvantaged youth: The local project support.

Providing a space dedicated to the EYES local projects through which the young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to promote their activities and to obtain a wide web visibility among the actors of the territory to boost their approach. A competition for “the most popular project” will be carried out through an online voting system.


Eyes Local Projects

Joy Box (project in French)

Joy Box (project in French)

Author: Floriane R. Dog grooming service at home that offers various grooming services adapted to each dog (scissor cuts, clippings, shampoos,...). The service also offers the realisation of walking your dogs. All the services are carried out at home and are based on...

Dog grooming at home (project in French)

Dog grooming at home (project in French)

Author: Floriane R. Dog grooming service at home that offers various grooming services adapted to each dog (scissor cuts, clippings, shampoos,...). The service also offers the realisation of walking your dogs. All the services are carried out at home and are based on...

Underwear clothing

Underwear clothing

Author: Nimah O. Nimah really impressed us with the originality of her idea. Based on her experience, there is a large market in central Africa’s Muslim Counties of lingerie for women. This underwear is specifically designed to accommodate both practical uses (i.e.,...

Horlatech Brand Driver Company

Horlatech Brand Driver Company

Author: Dhikrullah Abdullah Olamilekan HORLATECH is a brand driver that help start-up businesses to connect to customers. It help to build businesses from scratch. It is a brand ambassador company. The target audience for HORLATECH is Start-up businesses that want to...

Kitchen furniture from recycled materials

Kitchen furniture from recycled materials

Author: Suparna B. Suparna is a brilliant aspiring social entrepreneur. Her idea focus on the opportunity to produce – and commercialise from India to Germany – kitchen furniture that are made from leafs and other recycled material. Her idea has a very robust social...

Digital media agency

Digital media agency

Author: Sanni K. Sanni proved to be a digital savvy with high IT skills and knowledge of the market. Her idea is to set-up a digital media agency that consults small local firms on: online branding, social media management, Google ADS and SEO, brand identity and...

Project number: 2019-1-FR01-KA202-062219

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